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Planning Your Move To A Senior Living Community

How To Simplify The Moving Process

A senior couple enjoying a lake view with arms around each other.

Tips For Moving and Downsizing

If you’ve made the decision to move yourself or a loved one to a senior living community, it’s time to tackle the process of moving – but where should you start? We’ve gathered some ideas to get you started, paving the way for a smooth transition to your new home.

As you await your scheduled move, these steps will help you get settled more quickly and easily. And best of all, you’ll soon be free to begin enjoying the maintenance-free lifestyle at the community of your choice, making friends and doing more of what you love for years to come.

  • Create a written plan and timeline.

Starting with your move-in date, work backwards to make a timeline for everything that needs to be accomplished and determine how much time to allocate for each task. You may find it helpful to use a binder to store all the important information for your move, including notes, to-do lists and deadlines. The binder can also hold all of your important papers, contact information and receipts so that nothing gets lost in the shuffle of packing and moving.

  • Decide what’s going with you.

Use the floor plan and measurements from your new apartment to design a potential layout and help decide which furniture items will fit in your space. Though the idea of downsizing may feel stressful, many retirees move into a smaller space and appreciate the simplified lifestyle – not to mention no longer cleaning or maintaining a larger home. Enlist help and allow plenty of time to sort, organize and make decisions about everything you’re bringing to your new residence. If you find yourself in need of additional help, there are companies that specialize in downsizing and senior relocation.

  • Give yourself time to let go.

Unless circumstances require you to move in a hurry, make sure you give yourself enough time to process this life transition. It’s normal to experience a rollercoaster of emotions along the way. Making any big change can be difficult, including moving away from a place where you’ve built a lot of memories.

  • Think toward the future.

Having help as you move can definitely ease some of the emotional issues that come along with packing and downsizing. We recommend keeping your thoughts and conversations focused on the future rather than the past. Begin by packing items that don’t have sentimental value and as you go, find the excitement in bringing your special belongings into a new, comfortable space.

  • Enjoy your new beginning.

There are a few ways you can get a head start in feeling comfortable at your new senior living community. Request a time for your sales counselor to introduce you to staff and residents or join them for a meal. You could also try attending community events ahead of your move to help get to know your future neighbors. By the time you move in, you’ll feel right at home.

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