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Parkinson’s Care

Specialized Support For Those With Parkinson's Disease

Senior mother and daughter with arms around each other, smiling at a coffee shop

Affecting nearly one million people in the United States and more than six million people worldwide, Parkinson’s disease is prevalent among our senior population. While we all would prefer a world in which Parkinson’s disease doesn’t exist, in reality, many families across the globe are dealing with the difficulties of this chronic condition. There are still many reasons for hope, including advancements in treatment options and medications – additionally, your loved one can achieve improved quality of life through Parkinson’s care at Highpoint.

Find Person-Centered Care and An Engaging Lifestyle

Even though no case of Parkinson’s disease looks exactly alike, there are broad paths of similarity that have been observed in individuals with the disease – and our expert Parkinson’s care is here to help. Often voluntary movements become slower (a symptom called bradykinesia), accompanied by tremors in the limbs, face and hands and rigidity in joints and muscles – making simple everyday routines frustrating and potentially even unsafe. Parkinson’s care at Highpoint lessens the day-to-day strain of symptoms by providing 24-hour nursing support, accessible activities and a safe environment to help individuals maintain coordination and balance, as well as prevent falls.

Our skilled, compassionate care team works with families to create a customized care plan which assists in managing the unpredictable nature of the disease and helps residents with daily needs, including as bathing, dressing, meal preparation and transportation to the doctor. Additionally, each residence is equipped with a wireless nurse-call system should an emergency arise.

With all of life’s challenges taken care of at our community, your loved one can focus on opportunities to engage and connect through our holistic wellness programming, social events and recreational activities. Parkinson’s care at Highpoint provides therapies and programs tailored to the neurological difficulties your loved one may be experiencing, helping residents make the most of their experiences and cognitive abilities.

Until the time a cure for Parkinson’s is found, we bring positivity and encouragement to every day, improving residents’ quality of life through different stages of the disease. With Parkinson’s care at Highpoint at Cape Coral, your loved one can experience comfort, warmth and fulfillment while living in a secure, homelike community.

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Ready to learn more?

Let’s start the conversation. We’d love to share more about our community with you and answer any questions you might have.