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How To Make Your Senior Living Apartment Feel Like Home

Getting Settled Into A New Community

Communal area at highpoint at cape coral

Adding Personality To Your New Home

Moving to a senior living community is the start of a new chapter in life – one that can be both exciting and a little scary. Rather than letting the stress of moving and downsizing bring you down, use these tips to help ease the transition and make your new residence feel like home right from the start.  By planning how you’d like your new home to look and bring touches of your personality into your apartment, you’ll feel more settled and comfortable as quickly as possible.

  1. Choose a community that makes you feel at home.
    Look for welcoming staff and friendly residents when you are touring different senior living communities. Their interactions can tell you a lot about the community and whether it’s the right fit.
  2. Learn community guidelines.. An important first step is to look into any rules or recommendations that your new community may have regarding changes to your apartment. By knowing about any restrictions up front, you’ll be able to easily plan how to make your apartment as homey as possible.
  3. Pick out what furniture you’ll be bringing. According to your floor plan and square footage, start by measuring your furniture and deciding what pieces will best fit in your new space. You can also decide if you will want any new furniture once you move in – multi-functional pieces are particularly useful.
  4. Reflect your personality in your décor. You may decide to bring familiar décor from your former home or instead pick a fun new theme or design – whatever makes you feel the best! Either way, be careful not to over clutter. You’ll probably need to pare down decorative pieces while at the same time bringing your taste and style into the space.
  5. Bring in photos and other memories. Any home needs a few sentimental touches to make it special. Framed photos of your family, friends and personal experiences will not only make you smile and reminisce on fond memories but also can help start conversations with your new neighbors.
  6. Look for opportunities for new connections. A very important part of feeling at home in your new community is getting to know the people around you. You can do this by dining in common areas with other residents, taking part in community activities and visiting with your neighbors. You’ll notice that everyone is welcoming and looks forward to meeting new residents at Highpoint at Cape Coral.
  7. Stay in touch. You’ll also want to keep up the communication with friends and family outside of your new community. It’s usually people we feel homesick for, not necessarily places or things, so it helps to welcome visitors once you’re settled. Then you can introduce them to all your new friends and neighbors!
  8. Create new memories. As you get more involved in daily community life, you’ll be sharing all sorts of new experiences with friends. You might make some new décor in art class or a wreath to hang on your door or take pictures with new friends. Most importantly, the more involved you become in your new home, the more at home you will feel.

It’s natural to feel a little out of place in a new setting at first, but the team at Highpoint is always here to do whatever it takes to help you have fun and feel at ease. Once you’ve put these tips into action, it will only be a matter of time until living at our beautiful new senior living community is right where you want to be.

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