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Getting Involved At A Loved One’s Senior Care Community

Creating Connections And Comfort.

A senior couple enjoying a lake view with arms around each other.

Continue Your Close Relationship With Your Loved One.

If you or your loved one are considering a move to senior living, you may be wondering what role family members can play at their new community, along with other questions. Will they enjoy living at their new community? How long will it take them to adapt and feel comfortable? And how can you help them adjust as they start this new chapter?

These questions are completely understandable – and at Highpoint at Cape Coral, we’re here to help you feel at ease during this transition. We believe residents’ family members are an essential part of our close-knit community. Between residents and staff members, we all welcome the opportunity to foster relationships with those who love and care for others living at Highpoint. Here are some suggestions for getting involved:

  1. Help staff members get acquainted with your loved one. You can assist community caregivers in learning more about your loved one. This can be as simple as helping and encouraging your loved one to share about their experiences, family history, likes and dislikes.
  2. Take time to visit with staff members and caregivers. Spending time with your loved one is certainly your main priority when visiting, but you’ll both enjoy learning about the people around them at their new community. You’ll likely find common interests as you get acquainted with staff members and learn about their own families, hobbies and aspirations.
  3. Become active at the community. Typically, senior living communities are very open to family involvement, and Highpoint is no exception. By taking part in community events or volunteering, you’ll meet even more of your loved one’s neighbors and caregivers. And if you stay up-to-date with community communications, you’ll always know what’s on the schedule for your loved one to get involved in.
  4. Plan ahead for special occasions. You can even plan your own events for or with your loved one, perhaps reserving a private dining room or other setting up for a special celebration. You could bring in treats for their birthday or anniversary – which is not only fun for you and your loved one but also provides an additional opportunity to interact with other residents and staff members.
  5. Prioritize regular visits and communication. Staying in close contact with your loved one helps them feel connected and cared for. It can be helpful to schedule your visits during “free time” so they aren’t missing out on any special activities. While it can be more difficult for long-distance family members to feel involved, Highpoint at Cape Coral is committed to making it as easy as possible for family members to get involved, no matter the distance or circumstances.
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